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Sponsored by Saint Aymon Records, Seanloui creates a LIVESTREAM performance unlike any other. Documenting his travels in the Southern United States, Seanloui performs his latest songs in a rare display of talent and songwriting. You do not want to miss this performance. December 15th 7pm MST - Read more

Bringing together elements of 1980s synth-pop, 1990s R&B and early-2000s alternative hooks, Seanloui is a step out of time. Already an internationally established artist, you might have seen him perform at festivals or heard him on radio stations; however, the US-based musician is really gaining traction among the indie scene with his latest projects noted as an "artist to watch".- Read more

Seanloui Releases new singe DANGER 

Seanloui releases the much anticipated single DANGER.  Read more

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