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Seanloui has arrived with purpose as he radiates nothing short of soul throughout his tantalizingly dark subject matters that collide with hazy and ethereal production. Launching into this year with a vision to produce an art piece that is timeless.​ Lightly interlace Pop sensibilities with a smooth/sultry R&B delivery, set the stage during live shows with his band “The Black Roses”. Channeling the likes of Lenny Kravitz with shades of The Weeknd. Seanloui’s material has gained international attention with feature on The Huffington Post and Your EDM Magazine hailing the artist as the " next big thing in RnB/ Funk  Pop music " 

Music Preview: “Tell Me” – Smooth Europop From Seanloui › entry › music-preview-tell-...

Sep 25, 2017 — By the time he was twenty-years-old, Seanloui was writing songs for Beyonce. Then he was recruited by the touring indie band Signals. After four ...


Seanloui Fuses The Lines Between Classic Pop And Modern ... › post › seanloui-fuses-the...

Seanloui is an Arizona R&B band who arrived with a purpose to radiate ... Post and EDM Magazine hailing the band as the "next big thing in R&B music.”.

Listen to Seanloui's “Tell Me” - Blurred Culture › listen-to-seanlouis-tell-me

Tucson, Arizona native Seanloui is demanding answers in his latest single, ... The song plays on the notion that you can love someone and not be in love ...

Listen: Seanloui - "Tell Me" - Obscure Sound › 2017/10 › seanloui-te...

 Seanloui got his musical start in Los Angeles, recording his music at a friend's studio and attracting attention, from indie act Signals and ...

Seanloui – interview - Louder Than War › Music › Bands

 Eileen Shapiro interviews multi-instrumentalist Seanloui about his new ... Coming from a huge musical background Seanloui learned whatever ...

Seanloui - thread. :) › stories › 2018/10/16

How would describe your style? R&B Euro Pop. Tell us about your new single 'Tell Me'. How did this song come about? Who produced it? WHOA ...

Listen to "Tell Me" by Seanloui - DOPECAUSEWESAID › dope-music › listen-to-te...

AZ based artist and songwriter Seanloui's newest single "Tell Me" is dark ... This song is letting her know that I know she cheated.


R&B Singer Seanloui Blasts Ex-Girlfriend For Cheating On ... › Entertainment

Oct 24, 2017 — Taylor Swift is known for calling out ex-boyfriends in her songs for their alleged dirty deeds. Charlie Puth's “Attention” is also allegedly ...

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